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Beautifully Made Words is a compilation of a multitude of events in my life coming together to say, "Hey, you. Yes, you. You can use your talents and skills to help other people."

For so long, I had been known as the grammar freak that people hated to send texts to because they knew I'd catch their every mistake (not that I'd call them out on it - but a restaurant menu? Heck yeah I'd call them out on it!). When I decided to go into the world of writing full time, though, I realized that what was once just a quirk of mine was actually a commodity that people sought out and paid money for.

After years of editing text and writing SEO optimization content for other people as a third-party, poorly paid freelance writer/editor, I realized that I could cut out the middle-man and work with clients directly, and that's basically where Beautifully Made Words came from (with a lot of tears, worry, stress, and butt-kicking from those closest to me, as well).

While my half of my clients are still those lawyers, plumbers, beauticians, and other professionals that need their web sites optimized for SEO placement on Google, the rest are individuals who have created their own small businesses or personal blogs and just need a safe haven to send a rough draft to before submitting their creations to the (sometimes harsh) world.

That's where I come in.

I get your vulnerability. I am you. There is no red pen here, slicing through your heart and cutting your passion to ribbons. There is only someone who wants to help you share your unique, wonderful, and absolutely necessary ideas with the rest of the world, with as much impact as possible.

What you have done is profoundly amazing - don't let anyone tell you differently. You have created something from nothing, whether you have started your own business or begun your personal blog hoping to someday help support your family. I know how you feel - I did it, too, and you're here, reading this, because of it. You have created a miracle, and you are victorious just because of that.

But maybe you just need that little bit of extra confidence before you release your miracle to the rest of the world, a safe place to get feedback before making it public. Or maybe you need to bring people to your creation so that they can benefit from it, too. Whatever your reasons, I am that safe place. 

Let me help you make your Beautifully Made Words come to life.